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Museings from across time and space

Tobbie WhiteBird Crowe
31 August
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I am Tobbie WhiteBird Crowe also known as Jinxiebell, a humble poet and maker of dragons... I may be also a writer but I am horrible at talking about myself, but here goes, I make dragons, felt masks and bisque that I sell at science fiction conventions. Been going to conventions since 1978, I have worked conventions as security, registration, worked and ran masquerades, made and sold my jewelry as a dealer, but found a I liked being in the art shows more... I have been making dragons off and on for twenty years, but only got serious about it in the last five. I find making dragons relaxing, although I tend to see things I can add to them almost everywhere I go. I have published two poems and am working on a couple of stories. (I am a big multi taster, can't just do one thing at a time.) Mainly I spend my time helping people, and my art work is a de-stresser from this. I live in southern California fifteen minutes from Disneyland with my brother Steve, sister Paula, my daughter; Beth Rose, three parakeets; two Pekingeses, Sir Daniel Robin and Sir Darvy Donovan Puck, seven rescue kittys, Angel Mow Mow, Spice a Roni, Feisty Frosty Snowflake and her kitten Woggle Suli, Shilo Shiro, Pacchi, Beth Rose's kitten Hogo. And a great many finches, (I stop counting at 18)a bettas and a betta fish.
3d artwork, adult swim, adventuring, alan dean foster, alice in wonderland, almost anything japanese, andre norton, animals, anime, anything celtic, art, art gallerys, artist dolls, autumn leaves, ball jointed dolls, bananas, bats, beauty and the beast, blue purple green, bones, book making, books, brian froud, butterflies, castles, cats, celtic music, chai tea, conventions, copper, cosplay, crystals, dance, disenyland, doctor who, donavan, dragon art, dragons, drawing, dreaming, druids, druming, drums, elfquest, elves, emily strange, fae, faerie houses, faeries, fairytales, fandom, fans, fantasy, folklore, friends, gardening, gargoyles, goblins, goth, gothic, graveyards, gryphons, harry potter, hedgehogs, hiking, history channel, ice tea, imps, inuyasha, ireland, japan, japanese green tea, jewely making, jo clayton, labrynth, ledgends, lexx, lord of the rings, manga, mermaids, moon, moonlight, muppets, musicals, mythology, old churches, owls, painting, palm trees, paper, paranormal, pegacorns, peirs anthony, pets, photography, piggy banks, pirates, pixies, plants, poetry, pomagrantes, puppets, ravens, reading, real magic, ren faire, researching, rock climbing, ruroni kenshin, sca, science fiction, scotland, seahorses, shadows, silver, sketching, space, sprites, star trek, stars, strange little girls, tanth lee, tarantulas, the beach, the different, the odd, the sea, the strange, the weird, vampires, vanilla, volks, watercolor, werewolves, windy pini, witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, writing